Artisans of comfort.

Naoko is a Basque design brand with a passion for craftsmanship and timeless pieces, bringing a sense of harmony and comfort to our day to day lives.

Taking inspiration from the traditions and know-how of the Basque culture, we have created designer products which are authentic and hard-wearing. Our philosophy stems from the local culture, and we believe in designing and creating hand-made pieces. We are staunch defenders of respect for people and the natural environment. We believe in austerity as a way of life, and not as an imposition.

Naoko is located in San Sebasti√°n, and we want to contribute as much as possible to developing the nearby environment in collaboration with employees and suppliers from the area.

Handmade in Basque Country.

At Naoko we are committed to creating pieces which are visually striking whilst practical at the same time. Pieces with personality, which can be used to create unique, personal and timeless spaces. Design and quality are our guiding principles.

The best quality fabrics and structures are chosen during the development and design of the Naoko armchair sofas and pouffes, and are put through realistic usage tests to check their comfort and to ensure that all our clients can enjoy our products over a long period. We want to create products that are hard-wearing as well as functional, in terms of both aesthetics and quality.

We work actively with our clients and value their ideas and their complaints. The client becomes, in effect, a member of the Naoko world. We build emotional links with clients and generate trust by helping them as far as possible to create an inviting and tailored space. Through our sales we provide help, and by listening we improve.

Our personal seal is structural simplicity, elegance, attention to detail and expertise.